I’m not dead (Too soon?)

I just realized that I haven’t a graphic is over a week. Bleh. Long story short: I’ve become the lead designer at my job and am now not only doing website template design, but redesigning our company wide administrator as well.

It’s a lot of work. Also, I’m loving it so much.

So now, the time that I would usually spend at work watching videos and making graphics because I have so little to do has been filled with actual, fulfilling work. Who would have thunk it?

Am I still going to make graphics? Of course! I just haven’t had the time. Hell, I haven’t even watched last week’s episodes of FMD because I’ve been so busy.

Can we talk about that makeup job because damn…

Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.

I like how they are doing all this f&%ked up shit and this whimsical music is playing. 


Are you ready? 

New episode coming to life tomorrow at 9am PT -

Uh oh….

Happy Birthday! Love your blog!



Happy birthday!!!!

Happy birthday!!!!! It's also my baby sister's birthday :) (okay she's 17 but she's still the baby)

17?! *stands up too quickly and hurts her back* Damn….



(Everybody gets a giiiffffffff~)