1. I’m happy you all got my love letter.
  2. Reading that tag makes my head float out the door
  3. Was there too much JD? NO SUCH THING
  4. Thanks for that second gag reel. Helped me out tons!



ok but like„, how trash would i be if i wrote a reader/john darling fic„ „ 

Do want!  *grabby hands*


I just twitched.

the-faerie-circle replied to your post: It’s my birthday week~ Expect me to be…



Wait, was the camera on? Dang it…

It’s my birthday week~

Expect me to be annoying, I mean… The coolest fandom tumblr you’ll follow this week. 




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New “Ask Iggy” starring stevezaragoza

"We R Neverland, Ohio" 

Man, Youtube picked all John Darling for all of my thumbnails.  It’s like it knows me.

Anyway, here is my fanvid that I edited until the wee hours of the morning until I had to force myself to stop. ♥

Just a few more tweaks and my P+W fanvid is a go! … for tomorrow.

Hopefully, I won’t think about it too much overnight and can let it ride in the morning (and when I say morning, I mean afternoon because Saturday is for sleeping).

Now, time to make some FMD sets and plan what I’m going to do for Halloween this year!

Victoria is beginning to crack

She even surprised herself.

Hey! Love the show! I know that in the book Wendy is the oldest sibling, but I'm finding it hard to decipher if she is in this adaptation or not. Sometimes it feels like John is older than her. There's been some debate amongst fans on tumblr, and I thought I'd settle it once and for all by going to the source. Who is older, John or Wendy? And, while I'm at it, how old is Michael supposed to be?


By the end of season 1, Wendy is 28, John is 26, and Michael is 24.  So they are all 2 years apart and Wendy is the oldest.


But is it… really?