Today in things I didn’t see until now when I’m taking a break from writing (i.e. distracting myself for some reason).

Enjoy your flower crown, Brent!

I’m pretty certain that when my boss said the design team had an hour of personal project time at work, this is not what he meant…


"Emma Approved" is going on its second hiatus in May, and some exciting projects are coming up.

Here’s the latest news.

They were, like, twirling and shit and taking adorable pictures and Brent was like: LOL WHAT’S OUR SHIP NAME LOLOLOL

And they were for serious the whole time.

I’m gonna drink a(few) beer(s) and then go to bed at 1am because wtf.


1,2,3,4,5 and the interview

I just vomited rainbows everywhere. Gross.

See? There you go again, over-exaggerating.

Re: My last post

Alex fights Emma every time she tells him to wear that light purple shirt. He hates it.

He always ends up wearing it anyway.

I’m convinced the three of them have a meeting at the end of every work day to discuss how they are going to all match the following day.